First Flight Airport (FFA)

First Flight Airport (KFFA) Outer Banks, NC

First Flight Airport History

Located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, the First Flight Airport (FFA) is a public-use airport that serves as a testament to the Wright Brothers' pioneering efforts in aviation. Established in 1928, FFA commemorates the site where Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first powered flight on December 17, 1903. A lot has changed you can now have a 4x4 vehicle delivered to the airport to explore the Outer Banks.

Significance in Aviation History

The First Flight Airport is a living monument to the birth of modern aviation. The Wright Brothers' breakthrough at Kitty Hawk marked the beginning of a new era in transportation and human achievement. The FFA not only symbolizes this momentous event but also serves as a reminder of the innovation, determination, and perseverance that shaped the course of aviation history.

First Flight Airstrip and Wright Brothers National Memorial

The First Flight Airstrip (FFA) is a small airport with a single asphalt runway, stretching 3,000 feet long and 60 feet wide. It is situated adjacent to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, which is managed by the National Park Service. The memorial features a 60-foot granite monument atop Big Kill Devil Hill, where the brothers conducted their glider experiments, along with a visitor center and museum displaying the Wright Brothers' achievements, inventions, and personal artifacts.

Airports in close proximity to First Flight Airport:

1. Norfolk International Airport (ORF)

Located approximately 60 miles north of FFA, Norfolk International Airport (ORF ground transportation to the OBX) is a primary commercial airport serving the Outer Banks flights. It offers numerous daily flights to major destinations across the United States, making it a convenient option for travelers seeking easy access to and from the area.

4. Currituck County Regional Airport (ONX)

Currituck County Regional Airport, located about 30 miles north of FFA, is a public-use general aviation airport that serves the Outer Banks and surrounding areas in North Carolina. ONX is an ideal choice for tourists seeking a convenient and accessible airport to the Outer Banks.

FAA Identifier: KONX

CTAF: 122.9

Runway: 5,500’ x 150’

5. Dare County Regional Airport (MQI)

Dare County Regional Airport, approximately a 30-mile drive from FFA, Or a 5-minute flight across the sound, is another public-use general aviation airport serving the Outer Banks region. With a 4,300-foot runway, it accommodates a wide range of aircraft, from single-engine planes to small jets. MQI provides essential services to the local community, businesses, and OBX vacationers.

Billy Mitchell Airstrip

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Frisco, NC Billy Mitchell Airstrip (HSE) is a 3,000-foot, unattended airstrip within Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The airstrip is operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation, through a special agreement with the National Park Service. There are 39 tie-down locations, Aircraft are allowed to park for 14 consecutive days during any 30 days.,with%20the%20National%20Park%20Service.

Pilots: Deer are often on the runway a good practice would be to first buzz the runway to frighten them away.

Fuel is not available at KFFA but Dare County (MQI) in Manteo is a 3-minute flight from FFA

There are usually plenty of tie-downs available but limited to 24 hours.

AOPA just put up a new facility there for pilots-entry code is the VFR squawk code.